In today’s world, effectively killing germs has become personal.

While alcohol and other chemical disinfectants have high efficacy on contact, in a world with serious pathogens, we have all wished for something that travels with us to give longer-lasting protection.

Zoono Microbe Shield is an innovative antimicrobial surface protectant which achieves this goal. Containing a new generation of nanotechnology, laboratory tests from around the world have demonstrated effectiveness of Z-71™ Microbe Shield against many microbes for up to 24 hours on skin and up to 30 days on surfaces, providing long-lasting defense from hands to table-tops to livestock barns and more.

Backed by over a decade of research, Zoono Microbe Shield has repeatably proven to reduce germs by over 99.99%. Research laboratories around the world have reported effectiveness against over 160 human pathogens as well as critical food animal pathogens. Research undertaken in the United Kingdom to EU standards, has demonstrated that Zoono’s Z-71™ Microbe Shield is >99.99% effective against the nominated (and globally accepted) surrogate for COVID-19 – feline coronavirus**. This has led to government authorities such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, approving it as an effective disinfectant against COVID-19 on hard surfaces. A report by Wageningen Bioveterinary Research in The Netherlands also demonstrated that Zoono Z-71™ Microbe Shield showed a strong effect on the African Swine Fever virus titers in low soiling conditions with a log reduction of over 4.50.

As a water-based product, Zoono Microbe Shield uses physics rather than just chemistry to provide ongoing protection. Using nanotechnology, Zoono Microbe Shield provides a layer of positively charged microscopic pins that coat the surface and attract and kill by physically puncturing bacteria algae and other microbes. This forms a nontoxic protective barrier. It is safe to apply to many surfaces including tiles, concrete, stainless steel, fiberglass, vinyl, glass, aluminum, and wood. It can be applied in a variety of ways including spray solution and fogging.

In the USA, Zoono Microbe Shield is approved by the EPA as an antimicrobial surface protectant, effective against bacteria, fungi, and algae. Zoono is currently working with the EPA to expand its approved claims for Zoono Z-71™ Microbe Shield in line with those in other countries, where farmers already benefit from previous government approvals.

Zoono Microbe Shield was developed and is manufactured in the USA.

Need a safe and versatile product to protect your barn and office surfaces? Contact Apiam Solutions, LLC for more information today. This product is available through Vet Provisions, distribution channel of Aurora Pharmaceutical.

**Tested with a feline coronavirus type strain known to be the working